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western materials construction

Welcome to Western Materials!

Western Materials is a diversified construction materials, sand and gravel, and landscaping materials company serving Southern California for close to two decades. Our founding members have been in the construction mining industry for over 25 years. Beyond our core sand and gravel we offer other a large selection of drought tolerant water saving landscape materials. We also offer a large selection of sports field sands for horse arenas, baseball fields, golf courses, and volleyball courts. Our large trucking and diversified truck fleet is also available for disposal and trucking services. Western Materials serves all cities in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Santa Barbara, Riverside, San Bernardino, & Kern Counties.

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Construction Contractor Services

Construction Contractor Focus

For almost two decades Western Materials has been serving large and small contractors across the greater Los Angeles metro with the highest quality sand and gravel and other construction products and trucking services at competitive prices. Our focus has been to provide excellent customer service from start to finish to contractors that demand a high level of attention and care. Whether its having friendly personnel and/or seasoned professionals on and off the field. We also offer our contractors that need disadvantage and/or minority supplier certification to meet local, state and federal government requirements for certain jobs. These certifications that our contractors can use include but not limited to: minority business enterprise (MBE), woman minority business enterprise (WMBE) and small business (SB). Contractors can depend on Western Materials delivering the right materials, with the right experience, with the appropriate certifications/licenses at the right time that leave contractors satisfied.

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Construction Sand & Gravel

Construction Sand & Gravel

The Western Material founding members have had a rich and long history in the sand and gravel mining industry. We have been a leading provider of sand and gravel to the Southern California market for over two decades. With our mining partners and network we are able to provide all types of quality and to spec sand, gravel, crushed rock, base, rip rap, and cobbles that our clients need across Southern California for any construction application. Whether your job has large volume or small volume. Whether you need to meet certain tight specs and or gradation; Western Materials is your prime choice for sand and gravel.

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drought yard solutions

Drought Tolerant Materials & Services

With the continuing drought inflicting California and the dwindling water resources, Western Materials is providing drought tolerant landscaping materials and solutions that includes high quality landscape soils and mixes, beautiful and colorful selection of decorative rocks and pebbles, decomposed granite, artificial grass and plants, shrubs, trees and flowers. We have also partner up with local landscapers to provide a turf removal program that helps homeowners remove turf for no cost or low cost using local water agency rebates and government funded financing programs; that require no credit check and are attached to a homeowners property tax. Contact us for all these products and services and learn more about rebate and conservation financing programs.

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Truck and Disposing Services

Truck & Disposal Services

Western Materials offers our clients as many trucks they need to do the job. With our modern and to carb code trucks and our affiliated/partner trucks we can prove as many transfer trucks, bottom dumps, end dumps and/or super 10 a job needs. Whether its to bring lots of sand and gravel fast or to have waste non-hazardous soils and materials hauled off and disposed properly. Furthermore, all of our trucks are equipped with the latest technology from modern low emission engines to ensure less air pollution to the most advanced communication and GPS systems that can provide instant critical info on our trucks to our clients. But more importantly our drivers are among the most experienced in the industry possessing excellent truck and safety knowledge. Our drivers are the cornerstone to our company that help make our trucking services are dependable, professional and timely.

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Our mission is to earn our customers’ loyalty and exceed their expectations. Our customers are not only our clients, but also our partners, and our fellow employees.


With over 50 years of industry experience, our founding members along with a our highly trained and professional team can manage all aspects of clients needs to their satisfaction.


We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. Its our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.


We hold all the required licenses, permits, training, and insurances clients expect and require. Our entire staff and management are highly-trained in all aspects of the industry.