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The Western Materials founding members have had a rich and long history in the sand and gravel mining industry. We have been a leading provider of sand and gravel to the Southern California market for over two decades. With our mining partners and network we are able to provide all types of quality and to spec sand, gravel, crushed rock, base, rip rap, and cobbles that our clients need across Southern California for any construction application. Whether your job has large volume or small volume. Whether you need to meet certain tight specs and or gradation; Western Materials is your prime choice for sand and gravel. Get Your FREE QUOTE today, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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Our high quality Sand products are used in many applications such as general construction, masonry, plastering, concrete, commercial fill, roads, horse arenas, underground concrete structures and many other utilizations. Many of our sand products meet necessary construction specification requirements such as gradation, and cleanness as outlined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), by the Greenbook standard specifications for public works, and by the Caltrans construction materials standards. Some of the more common specifications required by contractors on their local Southern California jobs include:

  • Sieve Analysis (ASTM C-136)
  • Specific Gravity (ASTM C-127/C-128)
  • Sand Equivalent (CTM – 217)
  • Cleanness Value (Caltest 227)
  • Mortar Strength (Caltest 515)
  • R-Value (CTM 301F)

Construction Sand Aggregates

Below are some of the many construction aggregate sand products we offer:

  • Washed Concrete Sand
  • Washed Plaster Sand
  • Dry Plaster Sand
  • Dry Screened Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • Fill Material
  • Screened Dirt
  • Topsoil
  • Import Sand
  • Import Fill
  • SE 30 Sand
  • SR 50 Sand
  • Decomposed Granite
  • Bank Sand
  • Industrial Silver Sand
  • #16 Sand
  • Golf Sand
  • #20 Sand
  • #30 Sand
  • Horse Arena Sand
  • Equestrian Sand
  • Playground Sand
  • Gas Sand
  • Rock Dust
  • Volleyball Court Sand

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