Decomposed Granite

For Construction

Decomposed Granite (DG) is a simple yet elegant solution in todays modern drought tolerant landscaping for all residential and commercial applications. DG is similar to gravel, but finer/sandy like and generally more stable. It’s typically made from the natural weathering and erosion of solid granite, a tough and hard igneous rock. When used between drought tolerant plants, shrubs and/or flowers DG can not only look great but also helps to save a significant amount of water consumption and reduce landscaping maintenance cost. With the continuing California drought conditions and the need to conserve water, DG is one of the nice Xeriscaping (Zero-Scaping) material alternative available in Southern California. Decomposed Granite is used on pathways, driveways, garden trails, and open area ground cover in as backyards, side yards, front yards, horse ranches/arenas, parks, schools, and recreation fields. DG when stabilized is also excellent attractive alternative to concrete and asphalt pathways. Western Materials offers a wide selection decomposed granite in a variety of colors with a gradation of less than 3/8” minus and you can get your FREE QUOTE HERE

  • Regular Tan DG
  • Rose DG
  • Gold DG
  • Gray DG
  • DG Stablized

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