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From Landscape to Construction, Western Materials Has You Covered

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Western Materials – Your Sand & Gravel & Landscape Source

Western Materials is a diversified construction aggregate materials and landscape materials company serving Southern, Central & Northern California since 1999. Our founding members have been in the construction and mining industry for over 50 years. Western Materials provides superior level of service and high quality construction aggregates and landscaping materials meeting all required standards and specifications. Western Materials has been one the leading suppliers of Sand and Gravel, landscape materials, sports field materials.  Our affiliated quarries throughout the state are leading producers of sand and gravel, decorative landscape rock, landscaping materials, landscaping turf and sports field materials such as red baseball diamond mix (AKA Red Infield Mix).[/fusion_builder_column_inner]

Why Western Materials?

Our mission is to earn the loyalty & to exceed the expectation of our customers, whom we define as not only our clients, but also our partners, and our fellow employees. Delivering high customer satisfaction is the key.
With over 50 years of industry experience, our founding members along with a our highly trained and professional team can manage all aspects of clients needs to their satisfaction.
We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. Its our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.
Western Materials holds all the required licenses, permits, training, and insurances clients expect and require. Our founding members and senior corporate team members are highly trained and well-educated in all aspects of the industry.

Western Materials Services

If you use Construction Aggregates, Landscape Materials, and Sports Field Materials in the Los Angeles/Ventura County area, then Western Materials is your company.

Construction Aggregates

Construction Aggregates

Western Materials has a wide selection of all types and sizes of Washed and Unwashed Sand, Gravel, Rock, Base, Fill, Dirt, Industrial Sand, Sandbags and Rip Rap and Clay.

Landscaping Materials

Landscaping Materials

Incorporating over 25 years of experience in the Landscape Materials and Landscape Supplies business. Western Materials offers only the finest quality of landscape materials and landscape supplies.

Sports Field Materials

Sports Field Materials

Western Materials meets the demands of our customers by being able to produce high quality mixes for use on athletic fields.

Construction Services

Construction Services

Western Materials offers trucking rental services, contaminated soil removal, and equipments rental for placement of delivered materials.

CA Hazmat Services


Western Materials offers testing, identification and profiling of contaminated soils to determine the best and most appropriate disposal method acceptable under the law. Some of the common tests include EPA Method 8015(Fuel Hydrocarbons), EPA Method 8260B(Volatile Organic Compounds), EPA Method 6000 (Heavy Metals) and EPA Method 8081/8082 (Pesticides/PCBs). For more information please contact our office about your particular project and identification needs.


Western Materials can safely transport all hazardous and non-hazardous contaminated soils to the satisfaction of clients, regulatory agencies, and receiving landfills and waste management facilities. We offer all types of trucks to fulfill this including transfer truck & trailers, super-end dumps and standard end dumps.


Western Materials insures that all hazardous and non-hazardous contaminated soils are disposed of in the proper manner in the appropriate landfills, incineration facilities and/or other waste management. Western Materials maintains and provides all necessary manifesting and other documentation required.


Western Materials is a provider of quality sand & gravel products to contractors throughout Southern California. Western Materials has been a leading provider of construction aggregates for over 12 years. Therefore, WM can provide not only hazardous waste soil transport and disposal but also any sand & gravel material to replace the removed contaminated soil.

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Large or small, Western Materials can customize a plan and, course of action and material set for you.
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