Seven Best Uses for Pea Gravel

Pea gravel, or pea shingle, is the smallest type of gravel. It is chips of stone whose sharp edges have been softened by the action of fresh or salt water and is dredged from beaches or quarry pits. It has always been an excellent type of soft surfacing.

Pea shingle is usually reserved for small areas in the yard and needs to be occasionally raked to keep it tidy. It’s also inexpensive, installs easily, is versatile, and discourages mice, weeds, and erosion. Here are seven uses for pea shingle:

  1. Random Planting in the Garden

Pea gravel is excellent for random planting, especially in tiny, urban gardens. Though random planting isn’t really random, as the gardener still has to make decisions about the plants and the ground, the ultimate look is informal. Weeds are easy to pull out of the gravel after a rainstorm, and if the plants are allowed to self-seed, weeds shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Driveways

If the driveway is muddy after a storm, pea shingle may be the answer. It needs to be about four to six inches deep and have retaining edges made of concrete and engineering brick to keep it from spreading.

  1. Walkways

Cover and contain walkways the same way as you would a driveway. Many people find the crunch of their feet on a meandering pea shingle walkway to be very soothing.

  1. Fountains

Fountains that are made of unadorned cement can be unappealing. Pea shingle on the floor of the fountain adds interest and also conceals the mud at the bottom.

  1. Decks Around Swimming Pools

Pea shingles comes in many colors and can beautify a pool deck. The gravel can be a replacement for plain concrete. Because it has no sharp edges, pea shingle is lovely to walk on with bare feet.

  1. Play Areas

Pea shingle’s softness makes it a great surface for children’s play areas. When it’s installed properly, water drains through the gravel quickly and easily and provides a dry place to play only hours after a rainstorm.

  1. Infill Between Paving Stones

Pea shingle makes a beautiful infill between paving stones. Unlike grout, it doesn’t have to be sealed. It can be bought in colors that complement the stone itself.

Pea shingle can serve a variety of uses. It is simple to install, looks nice, and is a great practical solution. Companies like Western Materials can equip you with the pea shingle you need.