Natural Grass Removal Services

Grass Removal
Western Materials offers most of the above materials along with services to replace your lawn sometimes for free for those who qualify and/or discounted low prices for simple designs. Western Materials partner of offers these turf removal services for free and/or little cost for simple designs. For those wishing for a more premium elegant design and landscape installation, our partner contractors can perform beautiful upscale drought tolerant landscaping at competitive pricing. The future modern California landscaping will involve some well designed and attractive combination of rock, pebbles, cobbles, wood chip, bark, artificial grass, and/or drought tolerant plants. If you are interested in looking at you free/deeply discounted options and/or premium options please complete our Drought Tolerant Inquiry Form to receive a free landscaping consultation (click here) or contact our office for more details about our turf removal services and the many selections of drought tolerant landscape materials.

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